Copper Steel Thali Set Curve 8 Pcs


  • Product Code :- NI-COP-11024
  • Size (L*W*H):- 34CM * 34CM * 10CM
  • Weight:- 2322Grams
  • Material:- Copper
  • Color & Shape:- Golden
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Traditional style – An essential Indian dinnerware to present Indian foods like curries, daal, biryani, condiments & bread for an authentic Indian dining experience. dinnerware thali set of the plate (thali set), bowls, tumbler, spoon. A thali set is a round platter with an eared rim. Entire meals can be served using this simple plate. The thali set is generally made with copper. Other dishes served on a thali set include vegetables, yogurt, chutney, and pickles.


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