Candle Stand – 2x2x6 Marble

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Candle Stand – 2x2x6 Marble

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Product Price

₹ 198

Size (L*W*H)

5x5x13 cms


366 Grams



Color & Shape


Bulleted Points

> Marble Diya/Candle stand made with pure White Makrana Marble.

> Best suited for various pooja and religious functions. Lighting diya lamps also opens the sight sense of the human body and create calmness to the mind.

> Best for Spiritual Lucky Gift, Yoga Decor gift. Anniversary Gift, Wedding Gift, Birthday Gift, Diwali Gifts.

> It is an integral custom or tradition to start all the auspicious events by lighting the lamp to create a spiritual atmosphere.


Marble Handicraft beautiful marble candle stand/Diya for diwali decoration. Light your house with candles and welcome goodluck at your home. This Home Décor item from store house collection of Derien ensures you high quality Hand craft from best Artisans from Indian and across India, for long lasting finish and beauty. You will certainly find this light jewel best to your home.