Copper Jug Premium Plane 4 nos

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Copper Jug Premium Plane 4 nos

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₹ 946

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15CM * 10.5CM * 22CM





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The Copper Jug Premium Plain is a simple, straightforward water jug that is best suited for everyday use. It has a capacity of 1600ml, which is perfect for a small family. Fill the jug with water at night and the next day you can reap the benefits of copper-infused water. The detachable copper lid enables easy refilling and easy cleaning of the jug. Get yourself complete copper drinkware set by pairing the Copper Jug Premium Plain with a set of Copper Glass 80/100 tumblers and you will have the perfect set of thirst-quenchers on your dining table at your next meal!
Copper utensils used to store water need to be washed at least once in 48 hours. It is important to note that copper utensils must be used only to store water or unprocessed dry foods such as dry fruits, nuts, or sugar. In order to keep your copper utensils, sparkly clean one must follow the Cleaning Instructions diligently.