Flower Pot – Mutka set big (Set Of Three)

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Flower Pot - Mutka set big (Set Of Three)

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Size (L*W*H)

A =20 X 20 X 21 cms B = 18 X 18 X 19 cms C= 16 X 16 X 16.5 cms


A = 1022 Grams B = 742 Grams C= 472 Grams



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Best Quality Hand-made Wooden and Brass Vase It's usable as artificial flower bunch for living room, bedside table decor and suitable for outdoor decor. Its unique dust resistance property makes it very easy to clean and ensures longer life of the product. This beautiful Flower Pot with lush green leaves and stem are natural looking artificial flowers, made by rural artist of India. it's made in high quality sheesham wood and also brass fitted.