Tea Coaster – Rustic – Blue – Square

Product Name

Tea Coaster - Rustic - Blue - Square

Product Code


Product Price

₹ 506

Size (L*W*H)

10 x 10 x 4.5 cms


220 Grams



Color & Shape

Blue, Square

Bulleted Points

> Beautiful set of 6 Coasters made from Rose Wood, one of the finest pieces for Coffee cup.

> Handcrafted From Natural Rosewood - Unlike run of the mill synthetic coasters, each wooden coaster has been made individually hand crafted by an Artisans hands
using high quality Rosewood, officially sourced through Government endorsed channels.

> Great for your home, offices or in restaurants and a unique gift idea too!


Unique coaster Made from MDF, Colorful work On MDF wood Base, Handmade Coaster. A very beautiful Golden set of 6 coasters. Easy to clean and maintain, light weight and priced at an affordable Price, this set is going to remain intact even after years of use and remain as classy as ever. Our trendy and modern coasters are ideal for your living room, office desk, bedside table, etc. The coasters are ideal for gifting and for home and office use. Process: cutting, grinding polishing, Dying. This cup coasters is very beautiful and natural delicate design, Excellent quality material.