Tissue / Paper Napkin Holder – Marble

Product Name

Tissue / Paper Napkin Holder – Marble

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Product Price

₹ 209

Size (L*W*H)

13 x 5 x 8cms


456 Grams



Color & Shape


Bulleted Points

> Tissue, Paper Napkin Holder made with Makrana's Natural white Marble which is painted with natural color and stone and is called Meenakari work, which is very
famous in Makrana.

> The Product is designed by Makrana's Famous artisans which are designing these products.

> And product is as pure as we have told you, We Believe in transperency.

> Multicolor and have different designs available.


The Handmade with hand painted beautiful Agra Meenakari work Its A Traditional Symbol of Ritual, purely handmade product. The gift piece has been prepared by the creative artisans. Enhance the decor value of the house, office, hotel, etc.